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Negotiation expertise

Cost-Effective Service

We are not a traditional boutique law firm - alongside the highest professionalism, we combine business and commercial insight with emotional intelligence, in addition to a true understanding of employment relationships, however complex they might be.

All these together with our experience working with the largest commercial law offices in Israel, and our proven success in complex negotiations, and management of complicated and high-profile cases - will ensure you will be provided with the right solution, tailored to your needs.

Our distinctiveness is evident through our adept negotiation skills that not only guarantee the best legal solution but also ensure the best possible outcome for you.


We possess an acute understanding of how to manage individuals' careers, livelihoods, and emotions, particularly in challenging and emotionally charged circumstances. Be assured that we will support you and identify the most favorable alternatives to handle your case effectively.


Our exceptional ability to consider all parties, actively listen, and align everyone's interests empowers us to safeguard your identity as an employer and reputation as an employee. In certain instances, this ability even allows us to facilitate the healing of employment relationships or end them in a proper and dignified manner.

Our main focus in the manner we provide our services is to offer comprehensive, streamlined, and cost-effective solutions.

We employ a work method that involves a partner's genuine and active participation in each case, not just when complications arise. This will ensure that you will be provided not only with focused solutions but also the right representation at the appropriate time, without incurring any additional fees.


Pay Equity / Employee and Executive Benefits

We understand the drivers behind equity plans and can protect your interests while still providing meaningful incentives to employees. We’ll find the best equity plan for your needs and will draft it to your best satisfaction, whether it is an option plan, performance-based rewards, deferred compensation arrangements, bonus or commission plans.

Technology, Trade Secrets and Unfair Competition

Corporate information, client relationships are invaluable, and we are experts at protecting these assets when employees breach their obligations. We'll intervene effectively to safeguard your interests when employees breach their obligations, such as their confidentiality agreements.


Whether you are running a local or international company, we will perfectly address all your immigration needs, issue work visas for your executives and employees, and take care of their family members' work or stay in Israel.

Leave of Absence

Prior to going on a maternity leave, parental leave, military leave or alike, we will provide you with the exact guidance and support you need for better understand how to manage your employees’ absence and what to expect in the workplace.

Employment Litigation

Our focus is always proactive.  We identify the risks at an early stage and build on this with regular, accurate advice in your best commercial and strategic interest, to resolve litigation early or, where appropriate, defend matters vigorously through to the conclusion.

Employment Law

The most up-to-date advice, years of experience, and an approach that mitigates the risks instead of escalating your relationship with employees - are among the best ways to protect your company against workplace disputes. We’ll proactively share our knowledge of emerging risks and provide you with the best solutions to implement in the workplace.

Diversity and Inclusion

We will guide you on navigating compliance in this sensitive area of the law. If a claim arises, such as on race, age, disability, or gender discrimination, we will draw on a depth of knowledge spent defending discrimination and equal opportunity claims.


Background checks, monitoring phones and emails as well as installing cameras are a trending topics for employers because of the potential violation of the Israeli privacy law and regulations. As the law adapts to technical advancement, we effectively advise our clients as they work to comply with new developments and best practices to protect their employees’ privacy.

Hearing, Separation Process & Retirement Scheme

We are highly experienced in accompanying hearing and separation processes and defending unfair dismissal. Our record of outstanding results speaks for itself, but we are also pragmatic. We recognize that immediate settlements on favorable terms are often the best way to mitigate risk.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We will represent you and your executive team in all employment and labor aspects of your company’s local and global transactions across a wide range of industries, including private equity, technology, manufacturing, banking, retail, financial services, and more.

Reduction in Force

Layoffs are never easy to execute – not for you as an employer or your employees. We will navigate the employment issues that arise from either a global or a local layoff. We will guide you in conducting hearing meetings, approaching the relevant authority, treating the equity rewards granted to your employees, and preparing all the necessary documentation for any step in your way.

Policies, Training and Human Resource Audits

Carefully drafted, up-to-date policies and employment contracts (global, fixed term, permanent) are among the best ways to protect you against workplace disputes. We are abreast of the latest developments in employment law, including flexible work policies, and proactively share our knowledge of emerging risks and solutions.


I founded and headed the employment law departments as a partner and manager at ERM and Ayal Shenhav & Co. law firms.


I've led broad international employment transactions within many mergers and acquisitions and was the lead in complicated litigation proceedings of high-profile technology companies, as well as in complex negotiations related to the engagement terms of well-known executives and their retirement terms.

My professional achievements and the uniqueness of my legal-commercial work drive me to offer comprehensive coverage for the firm clients’ international employment matters in addition to their Israeli matters.

I’m passionate about helping companies and individuals navigate the complex world of employment law and have dedicated my career to providing exceptional representation and support to my clients.


We are aiming to be your go-to employment boutique law firm. 

Our main goal is to provide you with a tailored solution, which takes into consideration the individuals involved and their future relationships, in a gentle and efficient manner with minimal damage to your business and livelihood.

Whether on a daily basis or within the framework of a complex litigation process or a transaction involving employment perspectives, we are the ones that are really capable of providing you with a simple personalized legal service, a high level of professionalism, and efficiency at work and legal fees.


“This law firm's attention to detail and efficient communication throughout the legal process were impressive. The firm always made sure that we are informed in every relevant step and was able to resolve the legal issues in a timely manner"

Mr. Moshe Chiko
(Grant-AI Ltd.)

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