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The most up-to-date advice, years of experience, and an approach that mitigates the risks instead of escalating your relationship with employees - are among the best ways to protect your company against workplace disputes. We’ll proactively share our knowledge of emerging risks and provide you with the best solutions to implement in the workplace

Abstract Background

Our services include "day-to-day" legal advice on all Israeli employment and labor aspects.

We provide ongoing advice to a wide variety of clients, including senior-level executives and directors, start-up companies, and privately owned companies - Israeli and multi-national companies.

In addition, our firm takes on an integral role in our clients’ transactions, as well as in other law firms’ clients’ (that take our services ‘B2B’) transactions, such as investment transactions, corporate restructurings, and IPOs.

Our method of work and creativity enables us to provide all our clients with accurate and timely responses and to personalize the legal situation to each client and their needs.

With that being said, our scope of ongoing work includes -

  • Ongoing advice (including drafting and negotiating applicable agreements), on daily employment-related matters such as working hours and wage, overtime payment, employees’ positions’ classifications, recruitment, retention, restrictive covenants, equal opportunities in the workplace, an adaptation of international HR policies to local law, engagement of service providers, termination of employment relationships, safety in the workplace, etc.

  • Transactions such as investment rounds, M&A, and IPO.

  • Special employee benefits and compensation.

  • International relocation of employees.

  • Litigation.

  • Pension and social security matters.

  • Advising and guiding on performance improvement plans (PIP).

  • Advising on safety in the workplace.

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