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Charting the Complex Waters of Consultant Engagements in a World Demanding Retroactive Rights

Dive into our expert guidelines that ensure clarity, compliance, and successful long-term relationships. With our seasoned team by your side, safeguard your organization from potential pitfalls and secure a win-win engagement for both parties

Abstract Background

Our changing world predicts an ongoing rise in claims for retroactive social rights, such as pensions and severance pay.


Does this mean no more consultants? Absolutely not.

The trick is in preparation and advanced planning.


Here are a few guidelines to establish a correct consultant relationship:

  1. Sign an agreement detailing the type of services.

  2. Clarify expectations for work format and accounting.

  3. Identify differences between employee and consultant roles.

  4. Document any refusal of employment contracts.

Remember, long-term relationships often bring additional considerations. It's the forethought in defining these engagements that often separates successful organizations from the rest.


Our team has successfully defined these relationships for numerous employers, saving time, money, and stress.


We'd be delighted to assist you in navigating the appropriate engagement.

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