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Empowering Employees and Employers Alike: Navigating the Intricacies of Employment Law to Foster a Fair, Harmonious, and Productive Workplace for All Stakeholders

15 June 2024


Navigating Labor Disputes: A Case Study in Corporate Governance and Integrity

Discover how Eti Avnery's Employment Law Office resolved a complex labor dispute involving corporate governance and professional integrity. Through strategic negotiation, a senior employee's unjust termination was transformed into a dignified separation with substantial compensation, highlighting the power of dialogue in resolving conflicts.

20 May 2024


Best Practices for Navigating Workforce Downsizing: Key Points to Consider

Facing the challenging task of workforce downsizing? Dive into our comprehensive guide emphasizing clear action plans, employee communication, legal considerations, and the human touch. Ensure a smoother transition for both your company and its valued employees during these trying times.

26 April 2024


Charting the Complex Waters of Consultant Engagements in a World Demanding Retroactive Rights

Dive into our expert guidelines that ensure clarity, compliance, and successful long-term relationships. With our seasoned team by your side, safeguard your organization from potential pitfalls and secure a win-win engagement for both parties.

16 April 2024


Strategizing Cost-Cutting Without Compromising Employee Rights

Balancing financial adjustments with employee rights is critical in today's challenging economic climate. Explore our insightful guide on maintaining legal and ethical standards while navigating changes in the workplace. Learn how the right approach can safeguard both your organization's reputation and team morale.

17 February 2024


Navigating Employee Rights in Insolvency: A Guide to Israeli Regulations

In times of insolvency, it's essential to prioritize your employees' financial rights. Our concise guide outlines key steps, from severance to unused vacation days, to ensure you stay compliant and avoid legal missteps.

8 December 2023


Unlock Tax Benefits for Employee Shareholders: A Landmark Ruling for High-tech and Industrial Companies

Benefit from a pivotal District Court ruling that offers reduced tax rates on dividends for employee shareholders. If your company is a Benefitted or Preferred Enterprise, this change could impact you

19 September 2023


Safeguarding Your Rights During Employment Termination

As you navigate the complexities of employment termination, be it due to layoffs, dismissal, or resignation, knowing your rights is crucial. From obtaining employment confirmation letters to ensuring all pension deposits are complete, our guide provides a step-by-step approach to ensure you're protected

8 June 2023


Mastering Company Relocation: A Guide to Seamless Transitions

Relocating employees between affiliated companies can be intricate, especially when spanning borders. Understand the core methods of relocation, from termination to temporary assignments, and make informed choices based on duration, employment rights, and unvested financial benefits.

26 April 2023


Crafting a Robust Employee Relocation Agreement: Avoid Pitfalls and Ensure Compliance

When relocating employees, a comprehensive agreement is pivotal to protect both parties. From determining the employing entity during relocation to addressing stock options and remuneration considerations, each decision matters. A misstep can have significant financial and legal repercussions under Israeli employment laws.

5 January 2023


Turning Challenges into Triumphs: A Relocation Tale with a Twist

During a well-planned relocation from Israel to the U.S., unforeseen corporate issues stopped a senior employee's move. Our team's detailed relocation agreement and empathetic approach protected both resources and relationships. The lesson? While a solid agreement is vital, its specifics can pivotally address unexpected hurdles.

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