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Policies, Training and Human Resource Audits

Carefully drafted, up-to-date policies and employment contracts (global, fixed term, permanent) are among the best ways to protect you against workplace disputes. We are abreast of the latest developments in employment law, including flexible work policies, and proactively share our knowledge of emerging risks and solutions.

Abstract Background

Our HR audits and trains of the company’s executive (and employees where relevant) on different policies, which are required to be implemented in the workplace – help our clients to verify compliance with an expanding array of legal requirements. The training, policies, and best practices that our firm provides are aimed to reduce the time our clients spend on paperwork and bureaucracy.

Our policies and training include –

  • Prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace.

  • Ethics Compliance and Whistleblower Response.

  • Recruiting, selection, hiring, and orientation practices.

  • Employee discipline and termination.

  • Personnel files and employee privacy.

  • Employee handbooks, job descriptions, and HR policies.

  • Drug and alcohol testing policies.

  • Compensation, wage, global compensation, overtime, and payroll practices.

  • Leaves of absence policies.

  • Safety and health programs.

  • Executives’ compensation.


We also advise on HR audits regarding -

  • Trade secrets, non-competition agreements, and unfair competition.

  • Independent contractors, contingent workforce, and temporary employees.

  • Use of company property and technology.

  • Reductions in force, severance agreements, and retention schemes.

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