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Reduction in Force

Layoffs are never an easy thing to execute – not to you as an employer nor to your employees. We will navigate the employment issues that arise from either a global or a local layoff and will guide you in conducting hearing meetings, approaching to the relevant authority, treating the equity rewards granted to your employees, and preparing all the necessary documentation for any step in your way.

Abstract Background

In light of the need to plan ahead for timelines and redundancy costs when proposing global reductions in force, we assist and represent our clients in several steps prior to executing the downsizing itself, including -

  • Addressing best practices for ensuring that our clients’ decisions are properly executed to minimize litigation risk for unfair dismissal.

  • Addressing the requirements and restrictions that govern the process.

  • Estimating the client’s financial liability upon downsizing.

  • Advise on the treatment of equity rewards and other benefits held by terminated employees.

  • Assist with the preparation of documentation, including release agreements, termination agreements, and post-termination restrictive covenants.

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