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We are highly experienced in accompanying hearing and separation processes and defending unfair dismissal. Our record of outstanding results speaks for itself, but we are also pragmatic. We recognize that immediate settlements on favorable terms are often the best way to mitigate risk.

Abstract Background

Our firm’s expertise includes negotiating severance packages, addressing issues related to retirement plans, addressing issues related to benefits and compensation, and addressing any potential legal disputes that might arise from terminating employment or engagement. The firm also provides guidance on compliance with laws and regulations related to termination, such as anti-discrimination laws, and representing clients in any legal proceedings that may be necessary - all of which include the most possible creative solutions for each case.

Our expertise includes the various types of compensation, including -

  • Representing our clients in all the steps of hearing processes required under Israeli employment laws.

  • Conducting negotiation for separation with and without the intervention of the legal tribunal.

  • Drafting pension schemes.

  • Designing and advising on proper adjustment periods.

  • Drafting “Golden Parachute” agreements.

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