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Best Practices for Navigating Workforce Downsizing: Key Points to Consider

Facing the challenging task of workforce downsizing? Dive into our comprehensive guide that emphasizes clear action plans, employee communication, legal considerations, and the human touch. Ensure a smoother transition for both your company and its valued employees during these trying times

Abstract Background

Downsizing your workforce?

Are you either in the process of downsizing your workforce or about to initiate one?

Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Avoid making promises to employees. Whether you’ve had no layoffs or only one so far, the best you can do is to focus on improving morale and creating stability in the workplace.

  2. Make a clear and organized action plan. This should outline the steps you'll take to remedy the company.  Does streamlining require transverse or point dismissal? gradual or immediate layoffs?
    Remember – once you have a plan, execute it as swiftly as possible to minimize disruption and allow you to concentrate on elevating the remaining employees' morale.

  3. Hearing process and legitimate answers. Do not forget! Employees have the right to be heard and prepared for the possibility of being dismissed. Ensure that you provide legitimate answers to both terminated and remaining employees.

  4. Be mindful of legal restrictions that may impede or delay an employee's termination, such as military duty, pregnancy, maternity or parenting leave, surrogacy, fertility treatments, etc.

Lastly, be kind and patient.

People’s work is crucial for their stability in life, especially during challenging times.

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