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Crafting a Robust Employee Relocation Agreement: Avoid Pitfalls and Ensure Compliance

When relocating employees, a comprehensive agreement is pivotal to protect both parties. From determining the employing entity during relocation to addressing stock options and remuneration considerations, each decision matters. A misstep can have significant financial and legal repercussions under Israeli employment laws

Abstract Background

An all-inclusive employment agreement is not just a 'nice-to-have,' but an absolute must.

Consider the next key points when crafting the relocation agreement:

  1. Who will be the employer during the relocation period?

  2. What are the unique conditions of the relocation?

  3. Stock options/shares - Which company will provide them? What are the tax considerations? Don't forget to consider the relevant laws regarding pre-existing options.

  4. Employee's remuneration and social conditions during relocation.

You should note that A missed step in drafting a new employment agreement can lead to significant financial and legal consequences under Israeli employment laws.

Strive for precision to uphold employees' rights and shield your interests as an employer during relocation.


Contact us today. We're committed to facilitating a seamless and compliant transition for your team.

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