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Leave of absence

Prior to going on maternity leave, parental leave, military leave, or alike, we will provide you with the exact guidance and support you need to better understand how to manage your employees’ absence and what to expect in the workplace.

Abstract Background

Our firm occasionally assists employers in understanding their legal obligations and helping them to develop policies and procedures that comply with Israeli laws and regulations.

Our main focus in this area of practice is finding practical solutions that minimize both legal risks and impact on operations. We provide compliance solutions, offer supervisor training, and litigate where necessary in the Israeli labour courts as well as under the Employment of Women Law (1954), the Employment Committee of the Ministry of Defense, etc.

We regularly provide the following counseling and compliance services to our clients -

  • Draft and review comprehensive leaves of absence policies and best practices checklists.

  • Advise with regard to individual employee leaves of absence.

  • Litigate and represent our clients in different litigation processes arising from certain leaves of absence.

  • Negotiating the terms of certain leave of absence.

  • Assist both employers and employees with return-to-work issues.

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