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Employment Litigation

Whether it’s a dispute with your current employees, past employees, or with your employer, we will deploy proactive strategies that reduce risk to your organization's productivity and negotiate on your behalf for achieving the best results. In some cases, progressing to mediation, arbitration or a court hearing can't be avoided, then we will also act on your behalf and represent you all the way until a settlement or a verdict is achieved.

Abstract Background

Our firm has extensive experience in all employment litigation proceedings. We represent all types of employers, including multi-national companies and corporations, both in the private and public sectors, in complex legal disputes. Our representation mostly includes proceedings that take place before the Israeli labor courts in addition to other legal tribunals, such as the National Commissioner of Equal Employment Opportunities Commission in Israel, the Employment Committee of the Ministry of Defense as well as arbitration and mediation proceedings.

We are involved in numerous and varied litigation proceedings, including -

  • Proceedings involving termination of employment, including in relation to C-level managers.

  • Proceedings involving employee transfers to competing companies.

  • Proceedings involving employer responsibility for the prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace.

  • Proceedings arising questions in relation to sales payments, commissions, and bonuses.

  • Lawsuits by contractor employees, manpower employees, and consultants.

  • Individual lawsuits.

  • Class actions.

  • Proceedings involving questions of equal opportunities and equal rights for individuals with disabilities.

  • Proceedings involving questions in relation to foreign workers employed in Israel and relocation of employees abroad.

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