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Whether you are running a local or international company, we will perfectly address all your immigration needs, issue work visas for your executives and employees, and take care of their family members' work or stay in Israel.

Abstract Background

We work closely with local and international companies in addressing immigration needs, including assistance in issuing work permits for executives, managers, and specialized knowledge employees. We provide tailored legal solutions for the employment of foreign citizens in Israel to meet the needs of corporate clients in a dynamic and global marketplace.

As part of our services in this practice area, we advise our client’s family members on possible options to stay or work in Israel during the time period in which the expert is expected to work in Israel.


Our accomplishments in this practice area have thus far allowed us to bring groups of dozens (and sometimes hundreds) of foreign employees and managers to Israel for the purpose of setting up, developing, and later maintaining tremendous projects in Israel that have received media recognition and the support of the Israeli government. In addition, we also assist start-up companies that have often had to invite foreign experts to Israel to establish a unique project and contribute to the Israeli economy.

Our expertise in this field of practice includes -

  • Obtaining and Issuing work visas for foreign experts, with unique expertise in the Hi-Tech, Cyber, and construction fields.

  • Work visas under the Law of Return.

  • Citizenship (Aliyah) under the Law of Return.

  • Entry visas for business visitors and tourists.

  • Temporary and permanent residence permits for foreign spouses and domestic partners.

  • Applying and representing before the Exceptions Committee of the Immigration Authority.

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