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Pay Equity / Employee and Executive Benefits

We understand the drivers behind equity plans and can protect your interests while still providing meaningful incentives to employees. We will find the best equity plan for your employees and will draft it to your best satisfaction, whether it is an option plan, performance-based rewards plan, deferred compensation arrangements, bonuses, or commission plans.

Abstract Background

We provide a broad range of legal and practical advice on all aspects of employees' and executives’ benefits and compensation plans. Within the said framework, we draft and assist in implementing the relevant scheme or plan to the client while taking into consideration additional legal aspects which are beyond the employment law scope (such as Securities Law, Corporate Law, Family Law, and Taxation (including “Section 102 Plans”)).

Our expertise includes all the various types of compensation, including -

  • Drafting and advising with regard to Option Plan and Option Agreement.

  • Performance-based rewards and benefits.

  • Deferred compensation arrangements.

  • Pension schemes.

  • Adjustment periods.

  • "Golden Parachute" agreements.

  • Special entitlements for unique employment circumstances (i.e., change of control).

  • Employee compensation aspects of M&A transactions, IPOs and other corporate transactions.

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