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Mergers and Acquisitions

We will represent you and your executive team in all employment and labor aspects of your company’s local and global transactions across a wide range of industries, including private equity, technology, manufacturing, banking, retail, financial services, and more.

Abstract Background

Our firm provides a unique integrated service that recognizes the material issues and business drivers of M&A transactions, IPO, investment rounds, and more, as well as the practical considerations in closing a deal while complying with the nuances of Israeli employment and labor laws.

Because our approach is different, we often handle the employment law aspects of transactions in partnership with general practice firms. Our advice is tailored to each client’s situation, providing a strategic approach to accomplishing the client’s business objectives, while also aiming to avoid potential business disruptions and promote a smooth transition.

Our work in this field of practice includes –

  • Identifying the actual costs of successor employment relationships arising from contracts, collective bargaining agreements, and local laws, as well as advising on a strategic approach to new employment terms for onboarding employees.

  • Integrating existing employee benefits plans and analyzing the impact of benefits continuation issues if plans are terminated.

  • Conducting a full Due-Diligence review, including the target company’s existing employment agreements, change of control provisions, acceleration of vesting of equity or profit interests, etc.

  • Advising on how to structure the transaction or negotiate deal terms in a manner that minimizes impact on the target company’s manpower.

  • Considering and advising on reduction-in-force implications.

  • Analyzing the purchaser’s ability to enforce existing non-compete and intellectual property agreements, signed by the target company’s employees.

  • Assessing immigration issues, including work authorization and status of employees that are subject to an acquisition or merger.

  • Advising on the sellers’ employees’ rights under Israeli employment and labor laws relating to the changes to be made due to the transaction (i.e., change in control, transfer to the purchaser, etc.).

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