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Technology, Trade Secrets and Unfair Competition

Corporate information and client relationships are invaluable, and we are experts at protecting these assets when employees breach their obligations. We'll intervene effectively to safeguard your interests when employees breach their obligations, such as their confidentiality agreements.

Abstract Background

Our firm has extensive experience in supporting clients in the invention and implementation of new and evolving technologies to navigate the unique and emerging employment issues present in the workplace.

With that being said, we assist our clients in anticipating the risks and issues that may arise from implementing new technology at work, and provide the following services to our clients –

  • Designing and modifying agreements in relation to confidentiality, non-competition, non-solicitation, and inventions assignment.

  • Investigate and remediate threatened or actual violations or breaches by current or former employees.

  • Provide strategic advice and support in connection with hiring employees who are subject to restrictive covenants or who may possess confidential information from other organizations.

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